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Couture by Lolita, the jewelry collection by Danielle Maree, is known for its Day of the Dead theme featuring the Lolita Skeleton Cameo, and has become a favorite among those who favor the darkside. Collecting inspiration from her time spent traveling the world as a child combined with her love of music, and art, Couture by Lolita sets herself apart with a desire for perfection in her craftsmanship.

Each item is hand made with high quality cameos created in the USA with premium, raw, and antique materials. Meticulous in all their glory, each piece reflects a haunting beauty that provides a statement piece to any wardrobe. Danielle's most recent collections have included cameos featuring skeletons, kitties, unicorns, owls, roses, goddesses, peacocks, mermaids, bats, and octopus.

Couture by Lolita was originally featured on the cutting edge flash site FAB.com, and can now be seen on AHALife, FANCY, Handmade At Amazon, ETSY, and RebelsMarket online. The Couture by Lolita jewelry collection may also be seen in boutiques around the world.


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