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Couture By Lolita

Aura Blue Druzy Agate Geodes

Aura Blue Druzy Agate Geodes

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Blue crystals are very calming. These beautiful Aura Blue Druzy Agate Geodes have been double dipped in Angel Aura, and feature a flashy rainbow sheen over a violet blue.

Choose your favorite from the photos. Each available geode has a letter (Style A - F) labeled in the corner of each photo:


A: 1.3oz / 1.63”
B: 1.5oz / 1.69”
C: 2.9oz / 2.28”
D: 2.9oz / 2.25”
E: 2.0oz / 2.20”
F: 2.1oz / 1.75”

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