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Crystal Heart Aura Quartz Cluster

Lolita Crystals

Crystal Heart Aura Quartz Cluster

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Beautiful Angel Aura Quartz Heart Cluster is made of high quality Quartz crystal. Measures approximately 3.5" H and 4.5" W. Weight: 2lbs

Angel Aura Quartz is a powerful and energizing stone. It helps restore positive energy, serenity, and relieves depression.

Angel Aura Quartz is created when natural Quartz crystal undergoes extreme heat, and is coated with a special blend of titanium metals that create an iridescent rainbow glow.

Meditating with Angel Aura Quartz provides joy, inner peace, and angel guidance during one’s own mind set transformation. It is a stone closest to the throat chakra to aid with speaking up, and speaking the truth.




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